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How can you help support those in need within our community ...

It's just this simple...contributions of any amount will make a difference in our community by allowing the United Way of Bloomfield to directly assist residents and families in urgent circumtances, along with expanding into a variety of new and exciting areas which will benefit our community at large. From a utility bill, covering a prescription cost or even financial assistance in special emergency circumstances, we are there to help!  

The UWB also welcome "in-kind" contributions ...  Do you have a gift card for a store that's maybe sitting in a drawer that you know you'll never use?  That donation can make a big difference for a parent who may need food for the family, a pair of shoes or a new suit for a job interview. The UWB distributes retail gift cards to many especially during back-to-school months and the holiday season.

If you would like to send us a check, or a gift card, please print out this page return with your donation.  You can also make a donation by credit card or your PayPal by clicking on the DONATE NOW link on our home page.

Remember, every single donation counts and YOU WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE

in the lives of many.


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P.O. Box 1036