Investors Bank Care2Share Affinity Program

Care2Share Affinity Program
Generating donations to your favorite charity couldn’t be any easier! 

IMPORTANT INFORMATION:  The Care2Share Affinity Program is now open to all qualifying not-for-profit organizations! If you are involved with a not-for-profit, contact your local branch or your Relationship Manager for information on how to enroll in the Care2Share Program.

Almost all of us are passionate about the work of a charitable cause or local community organization.  Houses of worship, youth athletics and local charities, are just some of the types of organizations that many actively support. 

Investors Bank is committed to making a difference for our customers, our employees and the communities that we serve.  For us, being a good corporate citizen is all about giving back.   That’s why we created the Care2Share Affinity Program. 

What is Care2Share?

When you bank at Investors, you can link any personal checking or savings account to a non-profit organization that is enrolled in the program.  We can also help get your favorite organization enrolled in the program. We then calculate and send quarterly contributions based upon the average monthly balances you maintain in your linked accounts.  Investors makes the donation at no cost to you! 

How does it work?

When you link your eligible accounts to an enrolled non-profit, the organization will receive .25% on the average monthly balance* of your checking account or .15% of the average monthly balance* of your savings account.  Simply send us a completed Investors Care2Share Account Linking form to let us know what organization you would like to support.  They are available at any local branch or can be found here

Be sure to tell everyone you know about Care2Share, because the more accounts linked to a participating non-profit, the more substantial the donations it receives.  Remember, this is a free service that does not affect any of the features or benefits that come with your accounts, and the donations are paid by Investors. 

Ready to learn more?

Customer FAQs – Get answers to the questions most frequently asked by customers interested in supporting their favorite cause.
Care2Share Program Brochure – Tell your fellow members and supporters about Care2Share.  As the number of accounts linked to your non-profit increases, the greater the contributions it receives!
Account Linking Form – Join Care2Share today!  This is the form you use to link your account to an enrolled non-profit.